How would you describe yourself as a DJ?

I’m heavily focused on the audience that I love to entertain I want them to truly feel like they’ve had a great experience. I aim to showcase my own identity as an artist through percussion elements and other influences.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a DJ?

The constant need for innovation, because the audience always expects new things from an artist. That remains the most challenging aspect.

What would you do differently if you had to start over as a DJ?

I would start working on original material sooner. I spent a bit too much time on edits. Creating original material that you can showcase in your sets is the best way to have the audience come specifically for you.

Original or remix?

Original! The most beautiful part is the process of putting together something completely new to create music that as an artist, you have a specific vision for and can present as an original.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Always believe in yourself. Focus on your own sound and incorporate your vocals into your own music. The combination of producing and DJing made that easier.

Current favorite track?

It’s not a house track, but it’s ‘Tell me it’s over’ by Jacquees. I listen to a bit of everything, from R&B to Brazilian Funk, and I also dance Bachata & Salsa in my free time. This is also where all my inspiration comes from.


Jorge Mac

What makes life as a DJ so interesting?

To this day, I still see it as a hobby. I enjoy the music and the on-stage challenge every time. Music is one of the things that connects us, and ultimately, there’s nothing more beautiful than turning your hobby into a profession.

How do you ensure that you remain relevant in the music scene?

Very cliché, but the most important thing is to stay as true to yourself as possible. Over the years, I’ve noticed that my musical taste evolves with time. The first track I ever played was Tchami – Long time ago.

Furthermore, I’m busy releasing my own music to stay current.

What is your ultimate dream as a DJ?

Traveling around the world, seeing beautiful places, meeting amazing people while living my dream, and starting my own label to achieve success.

With which DJ would you like to collaborate, and why?

Toman. I believe I can learn a lot from him. I admire his productions and often use him as a reference in my own production.

What song can’t you get enough of right now?

It’s a tough choice… I’ve been repeatedly listening to the albums ‘Made in Lagos’ and ‘More Love, Less Ego’ by Wizkid.

Headphones or Speakers?

Speakers! I prefer to enjoy music together!



Lola Flores

How and when did you decide to become a DJ?

After a long career in the fashion industry, it was time for something different, a change of course to follow my passion. I went on a world trip, and when I returned, I went all-in to start DJing.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Listening to and watching DJs from all across the world inspires me immensely! I love tuning in and observing what others are doing and the music they bring.

What is the most challenging aspect of being a DJ?

Maintaining continuity in a challenging world.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Picture everyone naked when nervous.

Which song makes you emotional?

‘Together Again’ – Martinez Brothers Edit.

Sold-out Ahoy or a festival?

Festival. I really love the vibes at a festival with a great lineup. The dynamics in the crowd create a special atmosphere, and there’s a sense of unity. Everyone is happy in the summer. Good weather, great music, what more could you want?



Subscribe yourself as a DJ?

I would describe myself as a cheerful and smiling DJ. When the audience is happy, it gives me a significant boost of energy. I believe that upbeat vocal house is the key to creating a lively atmosphere and getting people on the dance floor. I always go with the vibe of the crowd, and based on that, I select my music.

What is your current highlight as a DJ?

Up until now, my highlight as a DJ has been being a resident at Beachclub Natural High and performing at ‘Geheime Deuntjes’.

What is your secret weapon to fill the dance floor?

Upbeat and cheerful house music has the unique ability to bring people together. The beat and lively vocals create an atmosphere of togetherness and joy, making everyone feel welcome and happy. It’s the sound of happiness and unity, and that’s why I’m passionate about playing house music.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Instagram, DJ’s, Beatport, and Spotify.

What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

Abba – Gimme Gimme



Why did you want to become a DJ?

All the inspiration came from my father, who used to spin records as well. It has shaped me into who I am today.

How do you distinguish yourself from other DJs?

Through the unique song choices I make, creating a great atmosphere among the audience.

What is your dream location to perform, and why?

In the loft with sunrise (in the Amsterdam Tower), because I find the vibe around that time amazingly good. Additionally, the loft has a top-notch sound system and, of course, a beautiful view.

How do you prepare for your performance?

I always start by browsing platforms like Beatport to discover new songs. Then, I create a list of the tracks I want to play. To get into the mood, I like to have a drink with friends before my gig.

The best track at the moment?

‘Laughing Tones’ by Enzo Siragusa.


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