so.. what is faded exactly?

Faded is a community where love for music, dance and other forms of artistic expression is being shared. Members of the community are able to not only meet-up on Faded music events but also connect through the Faded social media platforms and other activities.

We distinguish ourself by offering a variety of music-genres while also highlighting expression by dance and/or other kind of creative activity’s. All art forms are being encouraged in collaboration with various music venues, institutes and creative companies.

This way we introduce our community to other music genres, expression through dance, new developments through lights and sounds effect and many more ways to express your love for whatever makes you happy.

The first editions of Faded will be held at locations in or around Rotterdam but will eventually reach out to other cities to create a community spread over the whole country!

Our vision is to have multiple editions with different types of music genres and eventually a Faded festival for every Faded community member. There is so much more space at an outdoor event to expand our creative activities and to give the community a lot of entertainment. When we’re organising an event, we’re giving the community a chance to  vote on what’s coming into our events.

Furthermore, Faded is a new concept which is in it’s infancy. Therefore we’re still looking for people who would like to be part of the Faded team. If you’re interested to partake then don’t hesitate to let us know by clicking below button!

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